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Composer - They will return there 2024

Screening with Vincent Cappello and Matthieu di Stefano

• Nouveau monde : Wednesday, 3rd of April - 8:30pm

DJ, producer and co-founding member of the group Chinese Man, Matteo is constantly on the hunt for new projects and artistic discoveries. With a signature at once Hip-Hop, Afro, Baile Funk, Shatta, Gqom and Bouyon, he plays ultra-danceable sets, with no fear to merge with effervescent DJ collectives.

Since his debut album Scaglia released in 2018, Matteo has been producing, composing and preparing new projects with a wide range of musical colors and styles. His EP project Home produced during and between different lockdowns, illustrates the union of these different worlds. We find on this EP the Swiss rapper KT Gorique, the Nigerian MC AYLO or the English rapper Illaman. With the desire to produce an album where musicians are at the heart of the process, Matteo released the album Matteo & Bro, a project launched alongside 4 musicians from the jazz scene (Karim Addadi, Christophe Lincontang, Hugo Pollon, Lamine Diagne) with the aim of confronting electronic music and jazz.

Matteo also composes music for films and shows, including New World and Last Call written and directed by Vincent Cappello, as well as the show Le Livre muet by Lamine Diagne played at the Théâtre National de la Criée in Marseille.

In 2023, he launches Applause, a series of nights that takes us to the boundaries of musical genres, between kuduro, shatta, baile funk, bass music, grime, breakbeat, 2-step garage and hip-hop (to name a few). But it all comes down to the same idea: celebrating diversity through dance and enjoyment!

Nouveau monde


  • 2023 Dernier appel by Vincent Cappello (feature film)
  • 2023 Nouveau monde by Vincent Cappello (feature film)