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Les Before

MuCEM -Cycle cinema

To close its "Ciné-Dimanche" on Marseille, the Mucem invited the MCM to select three short films with the Marseille accent! The screening will be followed by a discussion with the artists and a DJ set by Carlala, a program by Chinese Man Records.

To book your ticket, visit the  Mucem website.

When? Sunday, March 10 at 3 pm
Where? Mucem
How much? 8 euros (or 6 euros for the reduced rate)

Vidéodrome 2

For the Fête du Court métrage, the MCM and the association Des Courts l'Après-midi have joined forces for a convivial evening.

From 7 pm, the MCM will present a selection of "Courts qui rendent heureux": five visual and musical experiences that capture the fleeting beauty of happy moments.

When? Saturday, March 23rd at 7 pm
Where? At the Videodrome
How much? Free of charge

ARTE: Court-Circuit

Before immersing yourself in the cultural bubble of the MCM, discover Court-Circuit, a special episode on ARTE dedicated to our two loves: music and cinema.

What's on? Les Corneilles blanches from Denis Liakhov and Pauline Gay. These short films will be accompanied by interviews with the directors, the first images from Petite reine, a film by Julien Guetta, and a focus on our 25th anniversary.

When? Friday, March 30th around midnight
Where? On ARTE, then on