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Conferences - Meetings

Musique pré-existante et image : le rôle du superviseur musical, du brief à la négociation des contrats

Thursday April 4th - 15h00 - Théâtre des Berbardines - Free Entrance

From pitch to contract negotiation, we'll take you through the various stages of a music synchronization project, in film or advertising, and discuss the different activities covered by the music supervisor, addressing the artistic, commercial and legal aspects. Through practical case studies, this conference is a condensed reflection of the Centre National de la Musique's training on the subject.

This conference will be led by Matthieu Chabaud.

The conference will be hosted in French.

Master Class with Felix van Groeningen

Saturday April 6th - 11h00 - Artplexe 1 - Free Entrance

Come explore the work of Felix van Groeningen by attending a Masterclass he will conduct, with the collaboration of Charlotte Vandermeersch, co-screenwriter and co-director of Les Huit Montagnes.

The Master Class will be hosted in French.

Co-produire un court métrage francophone à l’international : quels enjeux pour une production réussie ?

Wednesday April 3rd - 9h30 - Artplexe 1 - Free Entrance

French-speaking countries present real co-production opportunities. Why consider them? How to prepare? Which territory for which project? FJPI invites you to a meeting with Benjamin Bonnet, the producer of Genet à Tanger by Guillaume de Sardes, co-produced with Morocco.

With the participation of Olivier Chantriaux, from Meditalents & Co/Lab.

The conference will be hosted in French.

Women Composers: A Calling

Friday April 5th - 9h30 - Artplexe 1 - Free Entrance

Lolita Ritmanis, renowned globally and recipient of numerous awards for her musical compositions, is equally committed to advancing women's rights and achieving gender parity in the world of composers. As the founder of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, her advocacy focuses on raising awareness and providing educational support for female composers.She will be joined by the Collective Troisième Autrice, a French initiative working towards similar goals.

This conference promises a valuable and inspiring dialogue about female contributions and experiences in the realm of musical composition, shedding light on the challenges that need to be addressed.

The conference will be hosted in English by Ruben De Gheselle.
Participants: The composers from the collectif Troisième Autrice Laetitia Pansanel-Garric, Irina Prieto Botella, and Clémence Ducreux.


Composer pour un film... Un travail d’équipe

Saturday April 6th - 10h30 - Artplexe 7 - Free Entrance

Jean-Pierre Arquié, the founder of JPAgency and agent for Howard Shore, Bruno Coulais, Stephen Warbeck, Eric Neveux, Amine Bouhafa, Valentin Hadjadj, Arthur Simonini, among others, boasts a rich background as a score producer for over 250 film and series scores. Since the inception of the Académie PLÉIADE with Gabriel Yared in 1997, he has been actively involved in nurturing young composers.

He aligns with the MCM's mission to expose emerging talent to various facets of the film industry. Through a series of conferences uniting composers, directors, and key industry professionals such as picture or sound editors, mixers, scriptwriters, and producers, the goal is to illuminate both the collaborative and individual aspects of cinematic creation. Following the participation of Emmanuelle Bercot, Eric Neveux, and editor Julien Leloup in 2022, and Kaouther Ben Hania, Amine Bouhafa, and Jean-Pierre Arquié in 2023, the festival will welcome Patrice Leconte, Bruno Coulais, and cinematographer Yves Angelo, celebrating their collaboration on the film Maigret.

The conference will be hosted in French by Thierry Jousse..


Réaliser la musique d’une production audiovisuelle : partage d’expérience avec de grands talents du secteur

Friday April 5th - 11h30 - Artplexe 1 - Free Entrance

Join us for an insightful discussion on the art of creating music for audiovisual productions, where industry experts share their experiences and insights. Our Round Table brings together a diverse group of professionals, including directors, producers, composers, and music supervisors. We'll delve into the intricacies of music production for various types of projects, from documentaries to blockbuster films, exploring the creative process and unique challenges faced in each genre. Moderated by Sasha White, Director of Music at Mediawan, this discussion promises to offer valuable perspectives and practical advice from seasoned professionals in the field.

Featuring contributions from:

  • Paul Schmitt, Artistic Producer at Merlin Productions (Année Zero, Deep)
  • Francois Uzan, Director/Screenwriter (Lupin, On Sourit pour la photo, Loups Garous)
  • Audrey Ismael, Composer (Consentement, Germinal, Gueule D'Ange)

The conference will be hosted in French.

Musique de film : le contrat de commande et la check-list du compositeur

Thursday April 4th - 13h30 - Les Bernardines - Free Entrance

What is a commissioning contract? What details should it specify? Which clauses are essential or best avoided? Is it negotiable, and by whom? This discussion is offered as part of the FIMI (Itinerant Forum of Music in Image) by the SNAC (National Union of Authors and Composers), the UNAC (National Union of Authors and Composers), and the U2C (Union of Composers).

The conference will be hosted in French.

La post-production en Région Sud

Thursday April 4th - 10h30 - Artplexe 4  - Free Entrance

Looking towards France 2030 and the significant evolution of visual production, what avenues exist for the development of post-production in south of France? What advancements have been made in post-production tools in recent years, and what insights can be gleaned from them? Which forms of support should be sought, which schemes should be promoted, and what ecosystems should be cultivated?

This meeting is organized in collaboration with the Sud Region and La SATIS, the public film school of Aix-Marseille University.

The conference will be hosted in French.