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Anaïs Tellenne

Director- They will return there 2024

Screening with Anaïs Tellenne and Amaury Chabauty

Anaïs Tellenne is a screenwriter and director. Trained as an actress, she began her career as a film, television and theater performer. It was while working on these different sets that she developed a keen interest in writing and directing. In 2016, she wrote and directed her first short film 19 juin (France 2).

While putting together the cast for this film she met Raphaël Thiéry, who she trusted with the lead role in her second short film Le Mal bleu (Arte), co-directed with Zoran Boukherma. After shooting her last short film Modern Jazz (France 2), she was selected for the annual Groupe Ouest selection, where she wrote the screenplay for her first feature film L’Homme d’argile, which she shot a year and a half later in Burgundy with Raphaël Thiéry and Emmanuelle Devos in the lead roles.

Meanwhile, since 2020, Anaïs has been co-writing Louise Hémon's feature film L’Engloutie (2022), Bourse écriture Beaumarchais, Prix du scénario. In 2024, while writing her second French feature, Anaïs will direct a film in the U.S., Les Indépendants, a biopic on Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt.

L'Homme d'Argile


  • 2024 Les Indépendants (feature film)
  • 2022 L’Homme d’argile (feature film)
  • 2018 Moder Jazz (short film)
  • 2018 Le Mal Bleu (short film
  • 2016 19 juin (short film)