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Amaury Chabauty

Composer - They will be there 2024

Screening with Anaïs Tellenne and Amaury Chabauty

Amaury Chabauty began his musical journey with the cello and chamber music at an early age. The call of guitars as a teenager then brought him to the rock-indie scene with different bands. He later studied cinema at the EICAR and began working in the audiovisual industry as an editor for about ten years (fiction, documentaries...).

At the same time, wishing to combine his two passions, he started working with music for image in 2006, by setting up his own band for the film-concert KFX Orchestra. He composes several programs on short and feature-length films from the silent Japanese heritage.

The band, which is influenced by classical, rock and electro music, performed several concerts in France, Europe and Canada. Since then, he has devoted himself to film music and has worked on numerous short films, feature films and documentaries for television and cinema.

L'Homme d'Argile

Filmography (selective)

  • 2022 L’Homme d’Argile by Anaïs Tellenne (feature film)
  • 2022 L’Année du requin by Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma (feature film)
  • 2020 Teddy by Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma (feature film)
  • 2019 Mortenol by Julien Silloray (short film)
  • 2018 Le Mal bleu by Anaïs Tellenne (short film)
  • 2018 Forêt noire by Philippe David Gagné (short film)
  • 2016 Vendeur by Sylvain Desclous (feature film)
  • 2016 Féfé Limbé by Julien Silloray (short film)
  • 2015 La Fin du dragon by Marina Diaby (short film)
  • 2014 La Planète Nam by Pauline Chabauty (short film)
  • 2013 Polaris by Christophe Deroo (short film)
  • 2011 Maman Colibri by Julien Duvivier (feature film)