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Adrien Casalis

Composer - They will be there 2024

Screening with Adrien Casalis

• Six pieds sur terre : Thursday, 4th of April - 9:15 pm

Based in Paris, Adrien Casalis is a composer of music for films, series, contemporary dance and commercials. In 2017 he created VIMALA, an experimental electronic pop music project for which he is currently preparing his first album. He began his work with music for film by composing the soundtrack for the series First Love, directed by Jonathan Cohen-Berry and Anthony Jorge. He then collaborated with Givenchy on several of their advertising campaigns, and composed for various contemporary dance choreographers.

He composed the music for his first feature film, La Tête froide by Stéphane Marchetti, released in January 2024, followed by Karim Bensalah's Six pieds sur terre, due for release in June. At the same time, he continues his collaboration with contemporary dance choreographer Sita Ostheimer.

He is currently working on the music for his third feature film My Father’s Son, directed by Qiu Sheng and produced by CG Cinéma, as well as a new series by Jonathan Cohen-Berry and Anthony Jorge for France TV Slash.

Six pieds sur terre


  • 2023 My Father’s Son by Qiu Sheng (feature film)
  • 2023 Six pieds sur terre by Karim Bensalah (feature film)
  • 2023 La Tête froide by Stéphane Marchetti (feature film)
  • 2018 First Love by Jonathan Cohen-Berry, Anthony Jorge (TV Show)