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The MCM Score, 25th Anniversary

"This concert is the essence of what MCM is all about. It's a generous concert because music is generous and the people who create it are generous."

To mark our 25th anniversary, we asked all our guests of honor from previous editions to reveal a film music theme that had inspired them. And in just a few days, they revealed their answers.

From the compositions of Alexandre Desplat to those of Michel Legrand, Bernard Hermann and Gabriel Yared, this exceptional and original concert, arranged by composer Gilles Alonzo, will be performed by an orchestra created for the occasion, with musicians from the Pierre Barbizet Conservatory in Marseille, an INSEAMM institution.

Immerse yourself in the heart of film music and discover a selection by Daniel Pemberton, Howard Shore, Ibrahim Maalouf, Nainita Desai, David Thor Jónsson, Jérôme Lemonnier, Patrick Doyle, Marie-Jeanne Serero, Trevor Jones, Gabriel Yared, Philippe Rombi, Florencia Di Concilio, Stephen Warbeck, the Galperine brothers, Christophe Héral, Bruno Coulais, Selma Mutal, Raphaël Imbert, Charles Papasoff, Jean-Michel Bernard and Lolita Ritmanis.

A timeless event, where the great names of musical composition share their secrets.

Singer and musicians: Marc Olivier (violin), Claude Costa (violin), Emma Kelalèche (violin), Aurélie Entringer (viola), Nicolas Galasso (viola), Pierre Nentwig (cello), Marine Rodallec (cello), Camille Roux (harp), Fabrice Di Benedetto (double bass), Alice Duport Percier (voice), Laurent Parisot (flute), and Quentin Vogel (violin).

The Guests: Raphaël Imbert (saxophone), Selma Mutal (pianist), and Jérôme Lemonnier (pianist).