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Selma Mutal

Feature film jury - Compositrice

Selma Mutal is a film composer best known for her collaborations with director Claudia Llosa on The Milk of Sorrow (Oscar-nominated, Berlinale Golden Bear), director Javier Fuentes León on Undertow (Sundance Audience Award) and director Tod Lending on All the Difference (Prix Melina & Bill Gates Foundation). Selma Mutal has also created the original music for films directed by Fabien Gorgeart (France), Pola Rapaport (Romania), Piotr Dumala (Poland), Jorge Leandro Colàs (Argentina) and Victor García Leon (Spain) recently.

Her work has been praised by international critics and awarded the Best Soundtrack Award in many festivals, including the last at the Buenos Aires International Series Festival for his work on the series Lucky Day.

She is also very active in teaching. She has directed several Masterclasses of composition in the image including that of the Festival MCM as well as Media&Sound (Hamburg), among others. Selma Mutal lives and works in Paris.


  • 2023 Mafalda revient by Lucia Sanchez (documentary)
  • 2022 Les Médecins de Nietzsche by Jorge Leandro Colàs (documentary)
  • 2021 Cuellos by Daniel Rodriguez (short film)
  • 2020 Les Ministres de Blum by Maud Guillaumin (documentary)
  • 2020 Les Meilleures familles by Javier Fuentes-León (feature film)
  • 2020 Los Europeos by Víctor García (feature film)
  • 2019 Lucky Day by Daniel Vega Vidal and Diego Vega Vidal (séries)
  • 2018 L’Interrogatoire by Laurent Richard (séries)
  • 2016 Ederly by Piotr Dumala (feature film)
  • 2016 All the Difference by Tod Lending (documentary)
  • 2016 Nadia Comaneci: La Gymnaste et le Dictateur by Pola Rapaport (documentaire)
  • 2015 Block’hood by José Sanchez (jeu vidéo)
  • 2014 The Vanished Elephant by Javier Fuentes (feature film)