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Blandine Lenoir

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Blandine Lenoir begins as an actress in front of the camera of Gaspard Noé, in the short film Carne, and then in Seul contre tous. She pursued her career as an actress in parallel with her literary studies, before she started directing at the age of 25.

In 1999 she directed her first short film, Avec Marinette, which received the SACD prize for best first film at the Clermont-Ferrand festival. Then she directed nine other short films while continuing her acting career. Her medium-length film Monsieur Labbé was particularly well received by critics and was nominated for the César in 2011.

Blandine Lenoir made her first feature film in 2014, Zouzou, a family drama, then she directed a comedy, Aurore, in 2017. More recently, she made Annie Colère starring Laure Calamy.

Blandine Lenoir’s cinema is at the service of actors and actresses and their emotions, both in comedy and drama.

Favorite Blandine Lenoir

Directing Filmography

  • 2022 Annie Colère (feature film)
  • 2017 Aurore (feature film)
  • 2014 Zouzou (feature film)
  • 2014 L'Amérique de la femme (short film)
  • 2010 Monsieur Labbé (short film)
  • 2009 L'Honneur de Robert (short film)
  • 2007 Bien dans ma peau (short film)
  • 2006 Pour de vrai (short film)
  • 2006 Ma Culotte (short film)
  • 2005 Rosa (short film)
  • 2003 Dans tes rêves (short film)
  • 2001 Pas de pitié (short film)