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Julie Roué

Composer - Favorites 2024



Julie Roué never could choose, this is why she became a film music composer. Although her first interest was in Celtic music, her universe is now tinged with baroque, jazz, experimental and electronic music, with a strong pop influence. When Léonor Serraille entrusts her with the score for her movie Jeune femme (Caméra d’Or in Cannes 2017), Julie Roué puts her sound mixing activity aside to dedicate herself entirely to music. Quickly, the movies Perdrix by Erwan Le Duc in 2019, then Fragile by Emma Benestan, Cigare au miel by Kamir Aïnouz and Une femme du monde by Cécile Ducrocq in 2021 follow, as well as the series HP and Parlement.

Founding member of the Troisième Autrice Collective for women’s visibility in music composition for film. She is also one half of the electroclash band Carte Contact who wrote the song Like a dog. In 2022, she created with the actress and performer Louise Belmas an electro duet named A V I O N. Together, they wrote and perform in Malombra, why do heroins die in the end? , a hybrid show mixing cinema, theater, electro and pop music.

Favorites Julie Roué


  • 2023 La Fille de son père by Erwan Le Duc (feature film)
  • 2023 Le Syndrome des amours passées by Ann Sirot et Raphaël Balboni (feature film)
  • 2021 Une femme du monde by Cécile Drucrocq (feature film)
  • 2021 Fragile by Emma Benestan (feature film)
  • 2020 Lights of Baltimore by Sabrina Bouarour (documentary)
  • 2020 Cigare au miel by Kamir Aïnouz (feature film)
  • 2019 Perdrix by Erwan Le Duc (feature film)
  • 2017 Jeune femme by Léonor Serraille (feature film)
  • 2016 Footprint by Valentina Canavesio (documentary)
  • 2016 Le parc by Damien Manival (feature film)