Composing for a film… a team effort

Saturday 9th of april - 10h30 - Artplexe 4 - Free entrance

Involved in the training and support of young composers, Jean-Pierre Arquié (JPAgency), a film music composer agent and producer, wished to initiate, in partnership with the Festival, a series of conferences that would allow one to grasp the sometimes complex, always rewarding interactions between all the professionals who participate, around their filmmaker, in the singular adventure of a film. For this first edition, what better example than the necessary team spirit that brought together Emmanuelle Bercot for her film De son vivant, the picture editor Julien Leloup and the composer Éric Neveux.

Culture for all and with all ?

Friday 8th of april - 14h00 - Artplexe 4 - Free entrance

This is the question that preoccupies us at this round table, which brings together actors, actresses, as well as film and festival experts from France and Germany. Whether they are actors and actresses, or work in directing, coordination of festivals or in cultural mediation: how can we make sure that people with disabilities are more present on the screen but, especially, that they participate actively in the making and programming of films? Finally, the central question is how can we make these events accessible to all? Bring your questions and experiences and let's discuss them. Participants teams of: TV serie Vestiaires (Marseille), Klappe Auf! (Hamburg), La Luciole (Marseille).

The discussion will take place in French and will be translated into English and sign language.


Thursday 7th of april - 10h30 - Artplexe 4 - Free entrance

The Music Residency organized by Émergence, real film and fiction factory, is the occasion of concrete collaborations between directors and composers. The winning composers write the original scores for scenes shot at Émergence by directors selected by the Film Residency. The production of the recording is also taken care of by Émergence.

During the professional meetings, MCM offers Émergence’s Music Residency an occasion to display the five scenes shot in 2021 : L’idéaliste by Martin Drouot, original score by Francesco Neglia, Lumière Noire by Karim Bensalah, original score by Adrien Casalis, L’Espèce Explosive by Sarah Arnold, original scores by Émile Sornin and Philippe Deschamps, Passeuse by Stéphane Marchetti, original score by Adrien Casalis, Montessori by Léa Todorov, original score by Émile Sornin.

The authors and the team of Émergence will be present during the screening.

Music Publishing and Synchronisation in 2022: Issues and Practices

Wednesday 6th of april - 10h30 - Artplexe 4 

In a context of health crisis that limits in-person artistic interactions and stimulates digital interactions, musical synchronization attracts all the more interest from composers and authors. But what are the real issues related to the use of music in the audiovisual industry sector? Thanks to the feedback of editors, labels, and music supervisors, this conference will allow to understand and exchange on this topic, its practices and the different intermediaries involved.

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