Films in competition

Short Films Competition: A taste for adventure

At the origin of cinema, the short film is this magical format that allowed the Lumière brothers, Méliès as well as Alice Guy to explore new ways of questioning the world. It allows us, the viewer, to access the intimate aspects that emerge and prompt us to question what influences us, what makes us happy and where we desire to go. Both visual and auditory, the 63 selected artworks reflect once again an eclecticism and innovative, reassuring forms. These young artists follow in the footsteps of their elders. Each one, in his own way, is confronted with the next steps to evolve at best in an uncertain world. All of them testify to the taste for adventure and the boldness necessary to move forward, the very thing that has led the festival to pursue its adventure in Marseilles. We thank all the authors of these films to feed us and breathe new life into our world.

Feature Films Competition: A quest towards diversity

If we had to choose one word to describe this year's feature film selection, "diversity" would certainly be the most accurate: ten films, from animation to fiction to documentary, stories of lives, struggles, journeys... Coming from all four corners of the world, they are astonishing, stimulating, poetic, mystical or spiritual. They all have in common this ability to surprise, but also to touch the audience or make them laugh. This 2022 vintage is a bit similar to the principle of unity/diversity evoked by Edgar Morin in Les sept savoirs à l'éducation du futur: humans have common characteristics and at the same time their own uniqueness. This 23rd selection is an invitation to discover established and up-and-coming filmmakers who, through their powerful and quite innovative cinematographies, offer a wide range of ways to explore this unchanging quest for meaning, connection with others and a beautiful tomorrow.

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