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Chinese Man Records and the International Music & Cinema Festival Marseille are looking forward to offering you an original musical line-up from April 4th to 9th 2022.

As a partner of the Festival's musical program for nearly 15 years, the independent label Chinese Man Records will be offering numerous musical events throughout the week of this first edition in Marseille.

To inaugurate this particular edition, CMR invites festival attendees to meet, share and dance in downtown Marseille. Concerts, DJ sets... A dozen Chinese Man Records events to liven up your evenings!

The dates of your musical evenings:


  • Mercredi 6 avril, Blum brasserie: 125 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
  • And from Wednesday, April 6th, in the 2 establishments of the new Artplexe (1st district), la brasserie Blum and le Rooftop (Les Réformés).
  • Thursday April 7th et Friday April 7th at Makeda: 103 Rue Ferrari, Marseille, 13005
  • Thursday, April 7th at Couz'In: 2 Rue des Trois Rois, 13006
  • Friday, April 8th at Verre à Cruise: 11 Cours Julien, 13006
  • Saturday, April 9 at Sepac Silo: 35 Quai du Lazaret, 13002, pour la soirée de clôture



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