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During the festival

Music & Cinema - Festival International du Film à Marseille, offers different teaching programs for middle school and high school students. Here is the program for the 23rd edition of the Festival, which will take place from April 4th to 9th, 2022.

Two Short Films Programs

These two programs are each composed of 8 short movies. They mix singular artistic forms and each of them deals with different themes such as immigration, family, adolescence, prejudice, social relations… This way, the students can (re)discover topics through a new lens : cinema.

Educational Workshops

In order to follow with the short film programs, the Festival offers different pedagogical activities adapted and adjustable, according to the requests and profile of the students (cinema class, music class, Freinet teaching method…)

The aim of the workshops is to develop the topics at discussion, sharpen the students’ minds, highlight cultural diversity and help them discover different cinematographic forms, professions around movies, and meet professionals of this industry.

l Favorites Feature Films

Every afternoon of the Festival, we offer to discover two of our favorite movies, allowing the students to work on different topics, adapted to them.

Cine-concert Electro « Poo Poo Pee Doo »

Through this concert film, the composer Thibault Cohade invites us to rediscover Betty Boop’s character, one of the most popular in film history, in a new light, as a free young woman, adventurous and independent. The ongoing jazz music of the original movies was especially innovative back then. Today, electronic music has become popular culture so we can easily imagine that Betty Boop would have seized it to go with her new adventures and take us through her modern vision of society.