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Concert visuel Malombra


• Wendesday mars 31 - 07.00 p.m. - Artplexe 7

In 1917, the gorgeous Lyda Borelli shines with charisma in the film Malombra by Carmine Gallone. A century later, A V I O N, an electro group composed of Louise Belmas and Julie Roué, has chosen to take over this silent masterpiece to create a striking visual concert: Malombra, Why Do Heroines Die at the End?

A bit provocative, they deconstruct everything that can be deconstructed, in an attempt to reconstruct a world where inclusion prevails, a pop fantasy centered around romantic female figures.

Who speaks? Who sings? Who makes History? Who likes karaoke? A visual concert that will not answer all the questions it asks.


Marina di Malombra est contrainte de vivre dans le château de son oncle jusqu’à son mariage. Elle commence à lire des lettres écrites par son ancêtre appelée Cecilia. Elle en vient à croire qu’elle est l’esprit réincarné de cette ancienne aristocrate qui vivait ici autrefois.


The band A V I O N was born from the meeting of Julie Roué, composer of film music (Jeune femme, Perdrix, Fragile, Une femme du monde) and Louise Belmas, musician, actress and author (I.R., Et à la fin Joe Dassin).

After a first live set around the electronic music of the pioneer Laurie Spiegel, A V I O N decides to seize the strings of all its bows and creates Malombra, why do heroines die at the end? a visual and narrative concert. Louise and Julie share their playgrounds in a more electro and political aesthetic: together, they deconstruct everything that can be deconstructed, in an attempt to reconstruct more inclusive imaginary worlds.

Each project is an opportunity to reinvent the geometry and the sound of the group.

A V I O N is a laboratory.
A V I O N is a dream.
A V I O N is only passing by, but always returns.