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Eloi Ragot


On the festival from 27th of March to 1st of April

Eloi Ragot is a Franco-German composer using many different playing and recording techniques, mixing electronic and acoustic sounds and instruments to create unique textures and soundscapes.

He has notably composed the original music for the series La Trêve (2 seasons on Netflix), Invisible (RTBF, 2020), Women of the night (co-written with Hannes de Maeyer, also on Netflix) and most recently the series The Window (ZDF/Streamz) and Des Gens Bien airing in Spring 2023 on Arte). He has also worked on several feature films including the Canadian films Reservoir and Jour de merde (released on March 24th,, 2023).

Self-taught pianist and guitarist, he learned the trumpet at the Conservatory and then took courses in musical analysis and writing. He first played in various musical collectives (Rock and Jazz, then DJ) before composing for his first short film in 2008.

Eloi has been awarded several for masterclasses and art residencies, including a masterclass led by the composer Jean-Michel Bernard as part of the Aubagne International Film Festival (Music & Cinema Marseille), as well as the prestigious Emergence and Berlinale Talent 2017 programs.