Rémi Boubal

Composer - He will be back

- Friday 8th of April - 21h30 - Artplexe 4

Twelve years have passed since his first participation in the Festival during the Master Class directed by Cyrille Aufort. Since then, Rémi Boubal has never missed an edition, as his career as a composer is rich and diversified. The proof lies in the fact that he is the author of the original soundtrack of Bigger Than Us, a documentary by Flore Vasseur, which became a sensation upon its release.

Pianist and cinema lover, Rémi turns to film music in 2008 and signs the soundtrack of the feature film Les enfants de Troumaron by Harrikrisna and Sharvan Anenden. In 2012 he co-composes the soundtrack of the Canal+ series Platane and Lascars with Lucien Papalu.

In 2015 he wrote the music for the media group Comcast and for Simon Leclère's feature film Les révoltés, the following year he scored for Meeting Snowden, a film by Flore Vasseur. Rémi composed the music for Femmes du chaos vénézuelien directed by Margarita Cadenas and then the music for Erick Zonca's film Fleuve noir in 2017, and The Comeback by Sharvan Anenden in 2018.

The following year he composed the score of Nuestras Madres by César Diaz, Camera d'or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. Recently, he has just signed the soundtrack of three feature films: Bigger than Us by Flore Vasseur (Official Selection Cannes 2021), Teach me if you can by Emilie Therond and The veil of Draupadi by Harrikrisna Anenden.

He will be back

The program “Elles et ils repasseront par là” presents feature films which original music is signed by composers who have benefited from the various creative supports offered by the Festival: Master Class, European market for film music composition, grant for the composition of an original score… 

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