Philippe Pujol


- Mardi 5 Avril - 20h30 - Artplexe 7

In 1977, Philippe Pujol moves to Marseille with his parents. After a master's degree in biology, he becomes a computer engineer, then obtains a diploma in scientific journalism from the Marseille School of Journalism and Communication. 

In 2014, Philippe Pujol receives the 76th Albert-London Prize for a major written press report for his series of articles Quartiers shit on the northern districts of Marseille. He subsequently writes La Fabrique du monstre, Les Arènes Edition (Points 2016), a critical and public success. The quality of his field work, the result of long immersion, has made him one of the most exciting voices in reporting. In 2017, he publishes his book Mon cousin le fasciste, dedicated to his cousin the far-right activist Yvan Benedetti. In 2019, he signs La chute du Monstre and directs the documentary-film Péril sur la ville in the same year. 

Ciné-concert with Raphaël Imbert

After Marseille adopted Philippe Pujol, he set up his camera in the poor neighborhood of Saint-Mauront, in the heart of the city, to make his first documentary. He associates Raphaël Imbert to his project, entrusting him with the original score.

Come and enjoy the encounter of the two authors through a screening and a live performance of the original score, composed and performed by Raphaël Imbert and his musicians : Pierre Fenichel (double bass), Thomas Weirich (guitars) et Timon Imbert (drums). 

An rare enough experience not to be missed. 

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