Éric Neveux


- Friday 8 of April - 19h30 - Artplexe 6

When, at the age of 25, François Ozon asked him to compose the music for his first medium-length film Regarde La Mer, and then for his first feature, Sitcom, Éric Neveux decided to combine music and cinema in this professional future.

His meeting with demanding and creative Patrice Chéreau for Ceux qui m’aiment prendront le train, selected at the 1998 Cannes Festival, was decisive and fundamental. He deepened his cinematographic approach to composition in terms of meaning and narration.

With more than 60 films, Éric Neveux has naturally become the privileged interlocutor of brilliant directors: Rachid Bouchared (for hiis American Trilogy), Isabelle Czajka (La Vie Domestique), Emmanuelle Bercot (La Tête Haute), Ziad Doueiri (L’Attentat, L’Insulte) and many others. Over the years, his style has also made its mark on mainstream films, documentaries, animation and prestigious series such as Borgia or Un Village Français.

His passionate, personal and demanding work is carried by an inspiration drawn from various musical trends that he doesn’t hesitate to divert to the sole service of the image.

Duet with Emmanuelle Bercot

Born on the occasion of Festival’s 20th anniversary, the “Duets” program shines a light on loyal directors and composers who, with their recurring collaborations, keep dazzling our eyes and making our ears vibrate. 

For its fourth edition, “Duets” welcome two duets : Emmanuelle Bercot and Éric Neveux, as well as Tony Gatlif and Delphine Mantoulet.


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