Tony Gatlif



- Saturday 9th of April - 13h30 - Artplexe 7

Tony Gatlif, filmmaker and composer, grew up in Algiers before moving to France in the 1960s. He directed his first film, La Tête en Ruine, in 1975, and followed it up with La Terre au ventre, a film about exile after the Algerian war, which was noticed and followed by Jacques Tati.

Then he began to treat his favorite theme, the gypsy condition: Les Princes, Latcho Drom, a hymn to gypsy music, and the reference film for gypsies in Eastern Europe: Gadjo Dilo. In 2000, he immersed himself in flamenco Spain and directed Vengo, then Swing in 2002.

He returned to the land of his childhood, Algeria, with Exils, which won the prize for direction at the 2004 Cannes Festival. Two years later, Transylvania was presented at the closing ceremony of Cannes Film Festival.

After directing the film Indignados, based on the book Indignez-vous, he returned to the world of gypsies in 2014 with Geronimo, very inspired by his personal history.

In 2020 he directed Tom Medina in Camargue, presented in the official selection out of competition at Cannes with the noted actor David Murgia. 

Duet with Delphine Mantoulet

Born on the occasion of Festival’s 20th anniversary, the “Duets” program shines a light on loyal directors and composers who, with their recurring collaborations, keep dazzling our eyes and making our ears vibrate. 

For its fourth edition, “Duets” welcome two duets : Emmanuelle Bercot and Éric Neveux, as well as Tony Gatlif and Delphine Mantoulet.

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