Elisabeth Pesé poster designer

“We were looking for an identity for the festival that would evoke our city and cinema. I made several proposals, one of which was almost the right one. It was about the meeting of music and cinema in a very glamorous spirit. But finally, we decided to get straight to the point.

Marseilles is a city whose inhabitants are frank, direct and full of energy. That’s how I imagined the poster character.

Last constraint: the festival puts cinema and music on an equal footing, hence the presence of this trumpet. The instrument had to express just as much this impulse of life and freedom proper to Marseilles.”

About Élisabeth Pesé

Talking about her career Elisabeth Pesé says it is «quite classical»: school of applied arts , the ESAAT in Roubaix then the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris.

She worked for a few years in advertising agency, webagency, then did a lot of freelance, for the youth edition. She also makes very varied orders that range from the press to the decor, drawn shows or drawing lessons like those offered at "Les Bonnes Mères", an association of artists from the 7th district of Marseilles.


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