- Thursday 7th of april - 19h45 - Les Variétés

“Since birth, I have been committed, I have stood up against injustice. And there is nothing a woman can't do.”

Imany is capable of anything. She stands out in a large family of Comorian origin. She studied modeling in New York before realizing that she could no longer resist the call of music, getting on stage and never getting off - under the beautiful name of Imany. Releasing two albums, The Shape of A Broken Heart (2011) and The Wrong Kind of War (2016), which blend soul and folk with tremendous flair. Signing a hit, "Don't Be So Shy," for the very girl power Sous les jupes des filles directed by Audrey Dana.

Comitted artist, beautiful soul, Imany puts her talent at the service of her own convictions. She honors us with her participation in the MCM and invites you to (re)discover Joel and Ethan Coen's O'Brother.

Favorite's Imany

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